Friday, May 23, 2008

Three reasons on why I smoke

1. I like the menthol taste - This one should be obvious. A reg cig is good occassionally. But since more Big Tobacco brands are becoming fire-safes, my days of smoking regs might be over. Unlesss I ever wanna try the Seneca of those Native brands with pure tobacco in em. Regs taste great if they have nothang but tobacco in em.

2. Smoking is sexy - If you don't enjoy the feeling of a lit cig in your hand or mouth, and if you don't enjoy the feeling of inhaling precious smoke into you, then you weren't born to smoke.

3. Smoking gives me pleasure in my life - As much negative sheet goes on within my life, even a brotha needs some positiveness in his life. And smoking menthols is my main outlet for that positiveness and pleasure. I wouldn't be Jay if I neva smoked. I'd be a nobody. And if I couldn't smoke for several hours, I'd be tempted to beat someone up good who is a negative person (ie: anti, a racist white person)

I still like posting in my blog. But if the mothableeping antis didn't know, I DO have a life outside of the net.

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