Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Orland Park Mayor is a snotty prick

Quote from that Orland Park page I read on Jim Blogg's "I Smoke, I Vote and I help" site: (Orland Park link is in RED on that linked page within this post)

>>>Mayor Daniel McLaughlin supported the ban, claiming his wife's lung cancer was due to secondhand smoke.

So based on this mayor's illogic, we should ban smoking if our wife and gf gets lung cancer due to SHS?

How the F does that d!#k-head know if his wife got LC form SHS indeed? She could've gotten LC from being in a family that has a deep history of members getting LC, whetha they smoke or not.

And since she's a nonsmoker, I tend to believe she would've gotten it anyway if cancer deaths are common in her family..

I rememba reading in these groups that if you smoke, you have a lesser chance of getting LC. One nonsmoking sista told me once she hates smokers cause she got LC from the SHS. I said nothang to her outta respect and since she IS a sista. But if you gonna tell me in an email that you got LC from inhaling SHS, how come ** I ** neva got LC from inhaling SHS from my mom for 13 straight years?

No offense sis. But just like the Orland Park's wife, you've been brainwashed by antismoking poisonanda. I'd like to think b00b cancer is a bigga concern for ALL chicks out here. Wait! Don't tell me you can get that cancer from simply inhaling SHS too!

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