Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This mom is a sicko but she's stupid for a hood-like mom too

It's unfortunate that there are sick moms like this who make all smokers sound like sick drug addicts. And while I agree she should've been arrested for abusing that 2-year old, and while I agree it's wrong to let a kid that young smoke..I wish I could get confirmation on her being a Black mom who lives in a hood area (since this happened in Milwaukee).

I wanna contact her and teach her some thangs in order to avoid going to jail for her. One of those thangs is letting your kids smoke publicly. Society wouldn't apporove seeing even 9-11 year olds smoking. And the only time I see kids smoking in pubic period are in "our" streets but not the "normal" streets. So what made her think that restaurant would tolerate seeing a 2-year old with cigs?

I don't support her actions, but she oughta know herself there are some thangs in her life society doesn't need to know about. And one of those thangs is obviously letting her 2 yer old smoke and play with cigs. If/when she gets arrested, I hope she learns a valuable lesson about doing evil thangs like that publicly.

That lesson is similar to seeing a kid drink beer in the hood but you neva see the young bro drink in the open public for obvious reasons.

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