Monday, May 5, 2008

This anti nees to hear from a REAL speaker for a school audience

"You have to make the choice yourself," Young said. "Nobody makes you chew tobacco. Nobody makes you smoke a cigarette."

( Quote from THIS ARTICLE . )

This quote is specifically from an ex-smoker who spoke in front of students at a school.

So if you're telling the truth [in your quote], why the F are you speaking to students in a school, and why are you trying to convince them to NEVA smoke or chew?

If I wanted to speak to students in a school, I'd tell them about the discrimination they will get if they start to smoke. And they gotta learn to fight that discrimination. If it is a school with mostly young bros and sis, I'd tell them:
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You know a lot about Afro-American history. And if you analyze how smokers are treated in modern times, you can see for yourself that smokers get the same treatment older generations of Blacks used to get.

Before someone tells you people don't murder or torture smokers, tell them to read this book in my hand (Dissecting Antismokers Brains). I still recall reading about a pregnant smoker getting murdered to death outside. And the person who killed her didn't take anythang from her. He just shot her to death cause he saw her smoking outside.

Oh yes! Smokers ARE being treated as slaves. Smokers may not be getting whipped in the rear end in the southern states. But EVERY state is whipping their wallets by putting bogus taxes on packs. The average Black person is poor. So how is a Black smoker supposed to afford 8 bucks for a pack of Newports or Kools? It's bad enough a lot of bros and sis out here can't even afford to buy food! I'm sure otha smokers hate the high prices too, since they gotta make sacrifices in order to continue getting cigs (like buy less food, spend less time driving, etc)

I'm not trying to convince everyone in here to start smoking. But I do know smoking cigs is not the worst thang any Black kid can do. I'd be more concerned about a Black kid who is a pro at using guns and Black kids who smoke blunts.

And if you DO decide to start smoking, I can guarantee you you might have a betta chance of dying young if you get murdered. You are not committing suicide by smoking cigs.

And lastly, rememba to stand up for your rights as a smoker in this country in the same way you would stand up for your civil rights as a Black person in America. There are already a lot of Black smokers out there. But not too many of them actually believe in defending themselves as smokers. A lotta em accept smoking bans and discrimination as most smokers do in America,

I like seeing kids in the hood getting mad and violent if someone catches them smoking or catch them trying to buy those Newports in the streets. They'll even bully someone for simply saying "You shouldn't be smoking yound man/young lady."

I just hope they use that anger in the same way towards antismoking lies when they become Black ADULT smokers.

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