Thursday, May 1, 2008

Smoking bans are sick jokes-the evidence is in the smoke-filled restrooms

This was my best night EVER in working at Wrigley ever since the ballpark got a smoking ban. Almost every single time I walked into one of the men's restrooms, I saw a thick cloud of smoke in the corner with stalls.

It felt like I was in smokey heaven! I bet places used to look more like fog inside with all of that smoke in the old days. It was so smokey in that corner, you could barely see the stall doors!

Oh yeah, I heard some anti voices in there from "boys" who sounded like drunk retards. I yelled out the "FU" words when I heard someone yell "NO SMOKING!" I'm sure that person didn't hear me since it was noisy and crowded as heck in there.

Some of those boys were asking me "How come you can smoke in here if you work?" I would've replied to that Q. But some dude answered it for me perfectly. "He works hard, and he deserves a cig."

One drunk anti in there threatened to get the cops. I wish he DID get the cops. Whatcha gonna do if I'm finished smoking and I split out of the restroom? LOL!!

It was kinda neat seeing some of those fans smoke close to each otha in the corner. They were kinda togetha in the same fashion you see groups of gangs togetha in the streets.

Yes, that was a cool day being in a VERY smoke-filled restroom! Goes to show smoking bans are sick jokes. And it also goes to show the Cub fans don't give a sheet about all of those NO SMOKING signs too.

I can confirm no anti approached me in that restroom (let alone a smoke cop) since I did most of my smoking in the actual stall in the midst of a smoke cloud. And outta respect for members in this group, I will refrain from explaining how I would react to a person like that.

I will say they're lucky that's work. Cause if you tried pulling off a cop threat in my face in the streets for smoking, that person betta get to steppin if he doesn't want trouble! Especially late at nite!

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