Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Smokers Club at the Joliet Harrah's

Since most of the voters in my previous poll on here think the IL smoking ban will get modified or revoked in the second half of 2008, I narrowed it down to those particular months in m new poll.

Those 6 voters who think the ban will neva change or get revoked must be antismoking voters. Who gives a sheet about what they think? They so concerned about SHS killing them. But yet, they forgot about smoke from a gun killing them for real!

This new smokers club in Joliet (the one assosicated with Harrah's in Joliet) is a nice idea. It reminds me of the old days when we Blacks used to have Blacks-only restaurants. But unlike a Blacks-only restaurant, a smokers-only club might be forced to close down by the antis.

But that's appalling when you think of this. Africans who used to live in America in the 50s were not officially considered to be Americans, which gave certain White folks back then every right to shoot and/or abuse an "illegal slave." But when we earned our civil rights by the 60's that all changed. But get this....while older generations of us werr fighting for the right to be recognized as Americans, and despite the torture we used to get from certain Whites, we were legally allowed to have Blacks-only joints! Those racists could have cared less if Black-onl restaurants existed!

But yet, the 21st century Blacks, that being smokers, are prohibited from openign up smokers-only joints! How F'ked up is that? Especially when a lot of these smokers in America are White smokers who always been legal Americans since the date of their birth! So theyhad civil rights forever! But yet, they ain't welcome to have a smokers-only business!

That's discrimination towards smokers all right! I actually wouldn't mind hearing a smoker ask someone in Springfield "How come Blacks were allowed to open up their own places, but I can't open up my own business for smokers only, in this case?"

I could still open up my own Blacks-only tavern if I wanted. But even if I had the money to do that, I would still be turned off by the IL smoking ban. If I was gonna be the owner of a Blacks-only business, I'd let all brothas and sistas smoke in it.

I'd even let Whites enter my business if they show me the cig pack, cigar, or pipe first. If you White and you smoke, you would get a free pass from me. Since it's true you can hardly smoke anywhere anyway.

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