Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A rare article that focuses on opposers of smoking bans (OH)

It's Time for Truth in Ohio. Opponents of Ohio Bans Weigh In.

-- Shelly Kiser, advocate for the American Lung Association, stated she doesn't think the smoking ban has lowered liquor sales and that there may be an orchestrated campaign to allege receipts are off 30%. She further stated "hundreds and hundreds of studies" show there's no harm to liquor sales or the economy from smoking bans. It has become clear that smoking bans do harm Ohio business. When state government acknowledges that truth, anti-smoking advocates predictably cry "liar."
    The smoking ban in Ohio is hurting businesses.

-- In 2006, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services projected a 10,000
job gain for the hospitality and leisure industry for 2007. The first
12 months of the smoking ban saw 5,400 lost jobs for that industry.
-- Data obtained from Ohio Division of Liquor Control: both wholesale and
retail (home consumption) sales from 2003 - 2006 had a steady growth in
number of bottles sold. However 2007 presented a different picture,
wholesale sales declined sharply. Factoring in the growth the industry
had been experiencing, permit holders lost a potential of $67,441,632
in sales in 2007. Before these numbers are blamed on a bad economy,
consider that retail had a whopping increase of 1,384,148 bottles sold
from 2006-2007. People who smoke resent businesses that do not allow
smoking and many stay at home.
-- The above losses imply that there has been a $4,264,446 decline in
sales and use tax from bars and restaurants.
-- One large beer distributor reports a 5% loss in sales.
-- The coin machine industry, including juke boxes and pool tables, is
down 20 to 30 percent in liquor pouring establishments.
-- The trickle down effect includes the loss of income to musicians,
karaoke vendors, snack vendors, and costs to the State of Ohio for
enforcement of the ban.

"Ohio is not unique. Bar owners and clubs across the U.S. are crying foul. Pubs in Germany, Ireland, the UK are closing. Hospitality business owners in Germany are angry because they were told their pubs had nothing to fear from the smoking ban and how commercially successful bans have been in Ireland, the UK and the USA, where bars were allegedly teeming with 'new' customers," said Debi Kistner, Opponents of Ohio Bans.

"If hundreds and hundreds of studies show there's no harm to businesses, why would business owners complain? Why would they fight the smoking ban? Why would they want smoking if their businesses were doing so well without smoking?" Kistner asked.

"Voters were misled when they voted for Issue 5. They voted for a ban they were told would not harm businesses. Therefore, Issue 5 should be declared invalid and overturned. Put up a sign warning of the presence of tobacco smoke, and allow businesses to reap the benefits of a true economic stimulus package," said Pam Parker, Opponents of Ohio Bans.

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