Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A quote from Mayor Daley

"Secondly, if we can ban smoking in every restaurant in Chicago, why can't we as citizens, not only of Chicago but of America, say we don't need guns in our community?"

( A Daley Quote from THIS ARTICLE )

Why don't you tell the truth Daley? The only reason why smoking is banned in IL is cause you're hoping Chicago can host some darn Olympics! And based on the context of your quote, smoking is not really banned in the sense of tobacco sales being illegal in Chicago.

You mentioned how if we can ban smoking, we should get ALL guns banned in America. Well a firearm ban would mean owning a gun would be illegal on my part, and I can go to jail.

But you can still buy tobacco in Chicago, despite smoking being banned.

Based on the definition of a smoking ban, are you hinting that we should ban using guns in public,but it should still be legal for me to buy a gun at a gun shop?

Even if gun sales WERE illegal, you can't stop someone like me from buying a gun from a gangsta. Gangs got easy access to guns illegally. And just like a teen buying one in the hood easily, I can buy one myself underground even with a firearm ban.

If you ban tobacco sales in Chicago, you would have a TRUE smoking ban then.

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