Monday, May 26, 2008

Pregnant smoking is still out there antis

I ran into two pregnant smokers (both sistas) this evening afta work. And both of em smoked a lot of cigs with me for a few hours. I'm confident both of those moms will give birth to healthy babies, despite what society says about smoking while pregnant.

Oh we DID talk. But the stuff we talked about are topics only a hood person would understand. (And I'll refrain from even giving hints on those topics in here) I told one of the sistas she's brave for smoking while pregnant, since "You don't give a sheet about people complaining about you smoking while pregnant." I told her myself smoking while pregnant is not a big issue. What I didn't tell her is several moms, including her own, used to smoke while pregnant all of the time and they gave birth to healthy babies.

It was cool to talk to some pregnant smokers. I'm sure an anti will argue "But those ladies are Blacks, and we all know how a lot of you guys act." But regardless of them being sistas, you can't ignore the fact we still live in a time where ladies will smoke lots of cigs while pregnant. Goes to show what those 2 ladies think of you antis trying to make preg smoking sound scary.


-JM said...

I don't care if a pregnant woman smokes, huffs, eats double whoppers, snorts, or drinks a quart of vodka a day. That is her decision. However, introducing any foreign substance which is not healthy into a pregnant woman's body is gambling with the health of an unborn. What if the unborn carries a gene which causes an allergic reaction? The woman and baby share the same blood. The baby is nourished only by the woman.

I agree with your cause, Jay, but your advice is reckless. Just because you are confident it isn't harmful doesn't mean your assumption is correct.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as I believe everybody should be forced to try smoking in elementary school, I definitely think that a pregnant smoker is a better mother. Cigarettes are like a kiss from an angel, every puff does the baby good.