Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pipe smokers forced outside at St. Charles

As far as I know, the smoking ban applies to every building in IL. I know certain nursing homes are exempted. And although I heard a rumor on casinos being exempted, I can't confirm if this is the 100 percent truth.

Tobacco shops are the only places that are exempted from the state smoking ban at all.

It can apply to private events if you're an antismoker, and you investigate the event in smoke cop fashion. I wouldn't agree with investigating a private event with smokers. Because there are more important things in life than smoking.

That antismoking woman who stuck her nose into these pipe smokers' event needs to mind her own business. Especially since it's more of a private event.

I wonder if she would try snooping into the business of smokers who have their OWN private events when it comes to fighting the state smoking ban period.



No hot air: St. Charles pipe club has to move

By Josh Stockinger | Daily Herald Staff
Published: 5/3/2008 12:15 AM

Pipe enthusiasts from across the region can enjoy the aroma and flavor of fine tobacco at a convention in St. Charles this weekend -- but they'll have to do it outside just like everybody else.

That's because their meeting place, Pheasant Run Resort, has pulled the plug on an arrangement to allow indoor smoking that came under scrutiny by tobacco opponents and public health officials just days before the convention.

"What we originally had planned, in our opinion and in the opinion of (the city of) St. Charles, met the law," resort general manager Mike Larson said Friday, referring to the statewide smoking ban that took effect Jan. 1.

Under the agreement, Pheasant Run, 4051 E. Main St., was to lease its MegaCenter to the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club, whose members then would be responsible for all aspects of the event -- from janitorial duties to food service. In addition, anyone who showed up needed to become a club member for $15 before entering.

Collectively, Larson said, the efforts aimed to ensure no one from the general public and no resort employees would be subjected to secondhand smoke.

The idea, however, didn't fly with Janet Williams of the Illinois Coalition Against Tobacco, who quickly reported the situation to state and local health departments, police, the state's attorneys in Kane and DuPage counties, and other elected officials after learning about it this week.

"What concerns me is, I think they think there's a compromise," said Williams, who is co-chairman of the nonprofit coalition and said she helped write the legislation. "There's not a compromise. The act is clear: It's against the law to smoke indoors."

After hearing similar concerns from public health officials, Pheasant Run agreed to erect a large tent outside, at least 15 feet from MegaCenter entrances. The tent will serve as at the official smoking area while the convention is in town today and Sunday.

"There will not be any smoking inside the structure," said St. Charles police spokesman Paul McCurtain.

Larson declined to speculate about how the change could affect the resort's relationship with the pipe collectors club, whose conventions have drawn thousands of visitors to St. Charles over the last six years. A club representative could not immediately be reached for comment Friday.

Larson emphasized that Pheasant Run Resort "supports" the state smoking ban and "will continue to do so in the future. We are in full compliance with the requirements," he said.


dumpstermcnuggets said...

Hearing about that story just now(via reading the Chicago Tribune, which btw if it wasn't for the fact my dad's an anti, and that the Trib subscription is in my dad's name, I would've canceled my subscription my last year due to how angry I am at their arrogant support of the IL state ban), made me extremely angry so much, that I almost wanted to explode after seeing this quote from Mike Grady of the IL Chapter of the ACS(I also posted the same comments on the Ban the Ban Wisconsin blog):

“This is the first time we’ve seen such a blatant attempt… actually undermine the law through legal sophistry.”

No, Mike, you *moron! This event is not about undermining the law, it’s about a group of responsible adults that just wanna freely enjoy a vice they do. Prohibiting these adults from pipe smoking at this convention center would be like prohibiting wine lovers from sampling wine, if a wine event were to be held at this convention center.

This is a PERFECT example as to why the statewide ban should be repealed and/or (at the very least) amended immediately, no questions asked. One of these days, I should probably start my own blog on smoking issues, a la Bill Hanneghan’s(of St. Louis), or like Jay did(of Chicago)…..

* - I was originally gonna use much stronger language here, but (with much difficulty, but probably was wiser) resisted doing so.

dumpstermcnuggets said...

BTW, I think I'm all but at the point where I've definitely decided that I wanna start a blog about my personal views on smokers rights, and that it's more a matter of when I start it. Just a matter of time as to which website I should start the blog on, and when I do finally create the blog.....