Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ohio is cracking down on net cig sales

I heard that Ohello is cracking down on net cig sales. Does that mean any smoker in that state will receive back tax bills from now on? I can definitely see Ohello authorities forcing the online tobacco vendors to cough up the info on all of the tobacco vendors' Ohello customers.

"Thugs" is a good way to describe authorities trying to stop smokers from evading tobacco taxes. These mothas try hard to crack down on REAL crimes. But yet, they think stealing the money of innocent smokers is perfectly normal! Go figure!

Here's a tip for an Ohello authority who wants to "steal money" from smokers buying cigs online. You might have betta luck stealing money from othas (and get the moolah a lot more quicka) if you rob a bank instead. LOL!!!

Someone who tries catching a REAL criminal but turns around and steals 1000s of bucks from Ohio smokers buying cigs online is hypocritical. I know if I was an authority cracking down on crimes, I'd make myself look stupid by sending back tax bills to the Ohio smokers I know of who bought tobacco online.

I wonder what Ohello authorities intend to do with that money they get from smokers paying back tax bills. Put that money in their pockets? They can get stolen money in their pockets MUCH fasta by doing a REAL job so to speak. I seriously hope Ohio smokers IGNORE those back tax bills.

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