Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Off-Topic: Why I like OBama

I heard OBama won 2 states, including Indiana.

If I was gonna vote for someone based on his view of smoking bans, me voting for Paul would be a no-brainer. And while smoking bans is one of my issues of living in this Fked up nation (no offense to those outside of my heritage who are proud to be Americans), my bigga issue is which candidate is gonna help improve the lives of poor-class Americans. Especially the candidate who actually cares the most about our community. OBama is a no-brainer in that regard.

Most of the cig smokers are not just in the poor class, but we live in a time where kids who grow up in my community think smoking, drinking, and being gangstas or bullies are all perfectly normal. They see how their non-working parents struggle to make a living. And when they see their parents doing illegal thangs in order to get money, the kids assume that "In order for me to make a living as a man or woman, I gotta become a bad boy/bad girl and get my money by hurting othas. Or by selling packs of cigs behind closed doors."

That's not the mindset I grew up with when I was a lil boy. I did have an interest in playing with cigs before I was 10. But I neva thought of taking a gun to school to get what I want. I believed back then in order to make a living, I gotta work.

What I DO know is if all of these hood parents had betta luck in getting hired at jobs, and if they had some ways to get money the GOOD way, then that in itself would help cut down on high crime rates. And it could actually help put an end to seeing even preteen kids smoking and drinking.

Cause those kids would be raised with good parents with jobs instead of bad parents. When nobody hires you at a job, that in itself can help you become a bad person. Since you need to get money some kinda way out here.

Even if OBama DID have a plan for making life as a Black person betta in America, that would at least cut down on the crimes. It's actually funny you can make more money on a bad job instead of a REAL job.

It's true that not having smoking bans would help the unemployment lines go down. But even if we get rid of smoking bans, that's not gonna end secret discrimination towards us among employers out here. Meaning the unemployment lines will STILL be long. And we will always have folks in hoods whose only job in life is to live in evil fashion. Sheet, a lotta young bros/sistas could even care less about staying in school. Their mindset is: "As long as I get my hands on some cash, why the F do I need to go to school?" If they got lots of cash, their smokes, their drinks, and maybe a bf/gf who's closer to my age, they're all cool.

Life as a poor person wouldn't be like this if we ever had a President who actually cares about ALL Americans. And not just the wealthy class.

What I described in this off-topic post is EXACTLY why I'd be shocked to see a w-person enter a business that I actually owned. Even if he/she is an actual smoker. "You can smoke in here since you ARE a smoker. I'll let you fly in that sense. But I'm more concerned about your safety when you leave my place."

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