Saturday, May 10, 2008

If I'm gonna pay ANYONE money, I'm gonna smoke! And if you don't like me being a smoker, you can screw off!

A Cub fan asked me "Is smoking allowed here?" I told him. "There's no smoking anywhere. But you can sneak a smoke in the restrooms. That's what I do. The Cubs don't mind taking your money. But you can't smoke? No way! If anyone's gonna take MY money, I'm gonna live in that place by being a smoker!"

A co-worker was laughing afta I made that "I'm gonna live and smoke in here if you gonna take my money!" comment. But I was being serious. I know if I paid lots of money just for a ticket, then the Cubs can complain to Springfield and Blago-Botch about me sneaking smokes in one of the restrooms. That's the same mindset ALL smokers in IL need. You ain't doing anythang wrong by sneaking smokes to me (no matta where you are). Are smokers doing a bad thang by smoking in a tavern's restroom or by using empty cans as their ashtrays?

If the Cubs got a problem with those clouds of smoke in the restrooms, then they should ask Roddy "Why did you sign that bill last year?"

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