Thursday, May 15, 2008

I hope Paul wins the Rep. nominee (EDITED)

As a smoker, I think it's cool the Rep. race is down to Paul and someone else. And I really hope he wins the Rep. nomination. As a smoker, I agree with her Paul is the most sensible candidate since he doesn't believe in a nationwide smoking ban. And he believes in making the US the Land of the Free again.

Paul vs. Obama would be an interesting presidential race in November. I already mentioned why I'd vote for Obama. But if Paul gets the Rep vote, this will be one time where I'd actually vote for a Rep instead of a Democrat. As much as I'd like to see a Black President (and I still stick by my past comments on that), I will confess a candidate who believes in preserving my American freedoms and hints he thinks smoking bans should be illegal, then that would be one time where I wouldn't care if he's not a bro. I hope Paul's plan is to make raising tobacco taxes illegal as well if he's the next President.

You'll get my support Paul if I see your name on the November ballot. Cause I wasn't playing when I said my right to smoke and the owners' right to allow smoking are both very important as my civil rights. And if I see Paul's name, I gotta lie about voting for OBama if someone in the hood asked me "Who are you voting for?" My vote is a secret nobody needs to know. Not even good folks in society.

EDIT: I heard within the smokers groups McCain has the vote locked up for the Republicans. That's sad to hear since I was prepared to place a vote on behalf of all smokers and owners nationwide. But now I'm gonna pick the person who actually respects the Black community nationwide. Even if he IS an antismoker.

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