Sunday, May 11, 2008

Followup Post on my hood atttude towards "No Smoking"

If I sound like someone within my area with that strong attitude in my last post, then I guess I'd be a selfish smoker in an anti's eyes. Since I don't give a sheet about No Smoking signs. And I don't give a sheet if/when I do get caught. But that thick cloud of smoke in the air makes it tougha for anyone to tell if I'm actually smoking.

I used to be worried and nervous about getting caught smoking on the job. But not anymore. I'm doing good as a worker, and I'm providing myself as a service. If I can't openly smoke on the job, that's cool with me. Cause I'm used to doing secret thangs in a restroom otha than smoking.

If I'm gonna provide someone my money OR my service on a job, I'm lighting up my menthols inside. And if you don't like it, you antis and the ACS can all die in he!! one day. You don't care about owners losing their businesses thanks to a smoking ban, so why the F should I care about you?

Those restrooms might be even MORE smokey than usual thanks to the weather today. But I guarantee you nobody is gonna drop dead from inhaling that SHS.

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