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A copy of my post on premades vs. MYOs

These are actually 2 posts from me, from this cited thread:


Replies to "nightlight:"

You're good at trying to show the smokers on here the light on tobacco antismokers don't want anyone to hear.

I've read online over the years that if cigs had nothing but natural tobacco (as well as the natural nic in that tobacco), then there would be no health risks assosciated with smoking. It's those added chemicals in the premade brands that makes smoking of those type of cigs addictive and harmful.

Big Tobacco has a way to not only keep a person addicted to smoking, but addicted to a particular brand. They keep you addicted to a particular brand by adding more nic themselves, as well as chemicals that are addictive in themselves. That's likely way a lot of people who smoke Reds will only smoke Reds, why a lot of Newport smokers won't smoke any other menthol, etc.

I've read from smokers online who "examined" premade cigs themselves. One guy who smoked Reds at the time noticed his cigs had no tobacco in it whatsoever. The Red had tobacco stems in it as well as other stuff to make it look like tobacco. I know if I made a cig with regular tobacco in it, it would take a LOT different than a Red...regular cigs with nothing but tobacco-REAL tobacco-in them taste good actually.

I can understand smokers who don't have time to make cigs themselves. But for a smoker who smokes 2ppd, you WOULD be saving a lot more money on smoking those compared to paying nothing buyt taxes on a carton of your favorite premade.

There are also Native-made cig brands out there that are very cheap. Brands like Seneca, Native, Smokin Joe, etc. These brands are a lot like smoking cigs you make yourself....they have nothing but tobacco in them with no added nic and no added chemicals. They still have nic within the tobacco itself of course.

The difference with smoking brands made by Native Americans is they're a natural version of a premade don't have to make them yourself.

If you want to smoke cigs that have a lot more chemicals in them than actual tobacco, then I agree smoking is NOT good for you. But you will notice a huge difference in the cigs' taste if you tried Native-made cigs (if you don't want to make your own)

I think the other reason why a lot of smokers ain't interested in smoking natural cigs is because they're addicted to those chemicals within premades they've smoked for years.

Because let's be honest. A "nic addict" doesn't have to smoke or dip in order to get the nic. He/she could eat potatoes and tomatoes....those foods have nic too. Peopel smoke because they like the feeling of exhaling smoke, or holding a cig in their hand.

If the latter is the case on why people smoke if not for the nic, what's wrong with smoking a 100% tobacco-made cig? That cig still has nic in it. I guess they don't want a natural cig because it's not the fact that cig is cheaper than a premade cig. It's because the natural cig lack the same ingredients that smokers can find in premades.

One smoker told me once he likes the taste of a natural menthol, and even though it still had nic in it, he said "It's like that cig is missing something compared to a Newport." I guess that cig is missing the chemicals that you're actually used to smoking within a cig? The same chemicals that makes smoking of premades unhealthy and addictive?

I've even heard of smokers who used to smoke 2ppd on premades, but when they switched to MYOs, they were smoking only 14-16 cigs per day. Care to guess they were smoking a lot less on natural cigs since they were no longer addicted to those additives and chemicals from their old brands? After all, based on that logic of "Smokers smoke just for the nic," that smoker should still be smoking 2 packs per day on MYOs. That smoker is saving a lot more money on the mYOs now as well.

Now that premades are FSCs, I'll bet a million bucks that you actually ain't smoking tobacco in a FSC. If you're smoking FSC's, you're smoking "fake tobacco," and it's the chemicals that keep making you go back to those FSCs.

I accept the fact that most smokers are brainwashed by antismoking propaganda. But they don't have to listen to me on a discussion between premades and MYOs. There are lots of sites online that compare the two type of cigs.

Smoking tobacco doesn't replace eating food. It's not good for you in that sense. But it's unfortunate that millions of premade cig smokers out here think they are actually smoking tobacco....when in reality they're smoking trash and chemicals made to look like tobacco. I was appalled to learn what I was actually smoking when I learned the difference between premades and MYOs 2 years ago.

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