Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Comments on pics related with the case article

Me just viewed pics in relation to the article. (from one of those "Related Links")

That chick who was smoking next to that guy looks cute with a cig. If she offered me a cig, I'd accept her offer. Even if a smoking lady hates menthols, I still can't turn down a cig offer from any chick. Regs seem to taste betta when a chick hands me the cig. :)

That otha chick who had the "WHAT'S NEXT, BACON?" sign was funny. But I follow her point. It's the same point smoking activists online brought up, including myself. First it's smoking. Next, the govt will ban certain foods to keep me from becoming obese. Any smokers in here who met me in person before know I'm far from obese. But they liked seeing me smoke my menthols in enjoyment.

That dude with his own sign and he wore some shades...antis might use that pic to argue that "Smokers are unintelligent, since they can't spell." (He had "to" on the sign instead of "too")

Give him a freakin break. Maybe he didn't have room on that sign to write the full word. Me believes me saw a pic of O'Day as well. He must be the guy exhaling some smoke in the sun, It's neat he's a smoker himself.

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