Friday, May 16, 2008

A classic antismoking quote

This is a quote from an anti in Maine named Ben.

"I remember several instances when I got on the lift and the person next to me lit up. It was disgusting, as well as unhealthy."

So if someone lights up a cig on a ski lift, then that's disgusting? Dude, seeing someone light up a cig anywhere is normal. If you wanna know what's really disgusting to see, here's a hint. Ever see someone up there use an alley as his toilet? I certainly have! And that's not comparable to smoking on a ski life.

And bud, if you think seeing adults smoke on a ski lift is "disgusting and unhealthy," you betta not say those same words to a kid in my area. Especially if his/her mom is with the kid(s). It would be unhealthy for you to be rude like that to ANY smoker really. But especially a mom who knows her kid is a smoker.

Seeing someone smoke on a ski lift is disgusting.. .that is hilarious! I'd hate to hear what he thinks of a kid smoking with the sis's (the mom) permission.

PS: If you wanna know why being rude to a smoker is "unhealthy for you," that smoker might get arrogant and bully you around if it's a hood smoker. But since you in Maine, you probably don't encounter those type of people in your streets. A Maine smoker might simply walk away from you.

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