Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blurring out smoking on TV

I heard off of anotha smoking forum, some of these reality TV shows are blurring out people smoking on the shows. I mean like if say you see a chick holding a cig in her hand, what the show will do is blur out that cig as well as her hand. So they'll give viewers the impression that nobody smokes in the real world.

That is crazy on us living in a time where modern TV shows will go as far as blurring out cigs and the hands holding the cigs. I dunno how blurring out smoking will make viewers think nobody in this world smokes. I can walk around the corner and see people younga than me smoking. And I still see lots of adult smokers in downtown Chicago (although it's true you don't see as many adults smoking down there compared to say 10 years ago-even cops/security guards were smoking in public back then).

I guess they blurred out that chick's cig (on the reality show) cause the producers believed a smoking woman is obscene. That's freaked up thinking.

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