Sunday, May 25, 2008

Banning all forms of tobacco advertising won't stop underage smoking

I dunno how banning all forms of tobacco advertising will prevent kids from even experimenting with tobacco. If a kid wants a cig, he/she can basically steal Mommy's pack when home alone. Or maybe if the kid is a teen, he/she can ask his/her friend for a square.

There's hardly any tobacco ads right more cig ads on billboards, no more cig ads at sport games, and no more cig ads on the back covers of mags. But yet, kids are buying packs from bros who sell em in the streets.

That goes to show cig ads neva played a huge influence on a kid's decision to start to begin with. Family members and peers and friends who all smoke are ALL big influences on a kid's decision.

Oh yeah, and when smoking cigs is viewed as a normal part of life, and when it's somethang a lot of adults AND kids do in the community (as is the case of mine), nobody could care less about the junk science on smoking, antismokers, and "smoke cops." Kids who grow up in that type of community will be raised with that prosmoking thinking...which might lead em to becoming smokers even before adolescence.

I don't need an ad to help me decide to smoke if I pretend I'm a kid. Seeing boys close to my age smoking, seeing bros smoke cigs on motorcycles...hey, that looks cool! I oughta try that when I'm old enough to drive one. LOL

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