Sunday, April 27, 2008

"You know smoking is bad for you"

My exact reply to this nonsmoking sis from online who said that quote to me.

And? There are worse things I could be doing instead of smoking. I rather be a smoker than someone who smokes crack or uses meth. Never mind these folks who drink alcohol 24/7.

I'm more concerned about a bullet killing me than a cigarette.

It's people like her (as well as Grady from the ACS) who make me just about as peed off as me confronting a racist. I also know smoking is not the worst thang anyone can do in this world as well.

I thought I was nice with her in my reply. But I wouldn't mind telling her "If you don't like talking to smokers, then F off. Or betta yet, you need to try a cig for yourself before snitching about smoking. If you try a cig and you hate the taste of it, feel free to express how much you hate smokers then. But I got a heck of a lot more sense than these brothas out here who are addicted to illegal drugs. They like begging othas for money to support their dirty habits. You don't see me begging othas for 8 bucks so I can buy a pack of cigs."

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Jason T said...

If anyone's curious, that nonsmoking sista actually replied to the quote I shared from myself.

She was asking me like "Are you in a gang if you're scared of a bullet killing you?"

When the heck did I say I'm a gangsta in that quote? Nice job of twisting my words around. As I told her, my point with that statement is there are much more serious issues in this world than smoking. And in a town like Chicago, smoking is the last thang on my mind as far as the topic of how I might die one day is concerned.

I definitely know how to use that bad boy in relation to bullets. And that bad boy kills much fasta than smoking a cig.