Monday, April 7, 2008

There really needs to be a rally in front of the same folks in Springfield who turned down those exemption requests for casinos. They need to hear from each individual smoker in response to "Why are you guys against the ban? I want to hear from ALL of you individually. "

If one of those Springfield folks wanted to listen to my reason on why I hate the smoking ban, I'd say:

Well first of all, the smoking ban has NOT made every single smoker quit, and I still see kids smoking in my community. Now, I understand what goes on in my community doesn't represent ALL communities in Illinois. But based on what I see in my neighborhood, I seriously doubt this ban is making ALL smokers in Illinois quit. And I believe there are SOME kids in IL who are still smoking up. You might argue I see kids smoking only in my community, and if I lived in anotha community, I wouldn't see even one kid or teen smoking cigs. You might be right. But I thought this state ban is supposed to make EVERY kid and teen in IL avoid touching a cig. The ban isn't working in that case, since smoking is still normal in my community alone!

You probably heard a lot of smokers mention businesses losing money with the ban. But my otha reason for being against the ban is the fact smokers AND owners in taverns are ignoring the ban. And I know for a fact smokers and owners ignoring the ban ain't limited to my community in Chicago. I actually heard of IL taverns outside of Chicago where the tavern owners actually allow people to just smoke in the restrooms. And I heard of owners using empty beer cans as ashtrays for the smoking customers.

Thanks for listening. But don't say somethang to yourself like "You Blacks are the only ones who ignore the smoking ban just like any otha law. You guys don't represent all of the smokers and owners in IL, so your argument is invalid." Trust me bud. There are more smokers in this state who are not following the ban than you may think. And those smokers ain't brothas or sistas! They are smokers who believe that smoking in the state of IL is a freedom, just like my freedom to live in America. And if I'm free to live in America, ALL residents of IL should be freely allowed to smoke in NON-hood fashion. You know, by innocent people sneaking smokes in places? We don't need smokers in IL acting like hood people in that sense. If owners were freely allowed to allow smoking, then we can cut down on giving smokers citations. And we can focus on more important issues.

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