Monday, April 21, 2008

Someone who blames the economy for revenue drops is VERY stupid

It's been a while since I wrote an original comment in here. But here's one I have for now in the midst of my busy life.

Antis want to blame the economy for the casinos' revenue losses in IL. As in nonsmokers (and smokers) can't afford to visit casinos anymore.

Well, those a-holes need to wake up and smell the coffee.

If the economy was the REAL reason, then how come I still see large crowds at both Chicago ballparks? People wouldn't afford to go to baseball games and not just not go to casinos. How come smokers are still traveling outta state just to buy cigs, gasoline, and have drinks and meals with their smokes?

Cause the way I see it, if someone couldn't afford to gamble cause of the economy, that smoker wouldn't be able to afford to travel outta state period.

Someone can't "afford to gamble" in IL but that person can still afford to drive miles outta state in order to buy cigs, drinks, and otha items. Neva mind smokers who travelled to those smokers rallies downstate.

Based on anti logic, those smokers wouldn't be able to afford to spend time on the road finding places to use their freedom to smoke at cause of the economy. But it's the STATE SMOKING BAN that made those casinos lose revenues.

Heck, cause of the economy, they would think more smokers would stop their wonderful habits of smoking period. But that ain't happening with the serious smokers out there, myself included.
Those smokers, including myself, just ain't buying cartons in IL period.

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