Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some thoughts

Decades ago, a lot more people were smokers. Cigs were a lot more affordable back then at less than a buck per pack (albeit the economy was different back then as well). And every smoker was buying packs legally. It was even perfectly normal for a PRE-teen to buy a pack of cigs from a machine in those days. There was no violence among confrontations of smokers back then eitha.

Now, we live in a time where more smokers are evading the tobacco taxes instead of "quitting smoking." (Rememba that claim of raising the prices will make more smokers quit? They wish!) There are people selling cigs in the streets, smokers re using empty cans as ashtrays in hospitality businesses. And it's starting to become more common of people lighting up in restrooms of these same places.

Did I mention that holding a pack of cigs in the 21st century is like someone holding loose cash in his/her hand or some jewels for that matta? That's how valuable one pack of cigs is like in modern times. I'm sure people would be fighting over packs if a group of smokers around me saw a carton of Newports on the bench. I ain't trying to be funny eitha.

Antis wanna blame smokers themselves for the way they act towards smoking in public. But if the govt neva stepped into smokers' lives so to speak, people would still be able to afford cigs, people would still be free to smoke in places, and most importantly, we wouldn't have smokers in cities like mine treating grabbing packs and cartons as if they carrying a bag of stolen cash.

Smokers themselves ain't violent and rude. The govt is responsible for making smokers like that. Raising the tobacco taxes will make states lose more money since people will find alternative ways to get cigs. Buying cigs online is almost like me actually buying cigs in the streets, but screw the govt!

It's sad enough to hear of someone getting murdered just cause he/she refused to give a cig to someone who asked for one. Or even if the person DOES get a cig, he might ask (in particular) that chick for somethang much bigga than a cig at night. As in "Gimme your money, and I won't hurt you." Stupid crimes like this would neva happen if smoking bans neva existed.

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