Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Smoking bans boost drunk-driving accidents

Me ain't surprised at this news. Afta all, a lotta F'ked up antis online have said themselves they're drinking more and spending more time in bars, now that the bars are smoke-free. Most of those drunk a-holes HAVE to be antis. Because a smoker with common sense wouldn't botha going to ANY smoke-free bar!


Add another point to the growing list of damage caused by smoking bans:

From AFP:


Smoking bans boost drink-driving accidents: study

US jurisdictions with a smoking ban have seen, on average, a nearly 12-percent rise in the number of drink-related accidents at the wheel, they say in a study released on Wednesday.

Instead of heading to their local bar for a drink and a smoke, smokers venture farther afield in search of a place where lighting up is still allowed, they say…

“Banning smoking in bars increases the fatal accident risk posed by drunk drivers,” the study says.

“Our evidence is consistent with two mechanisms — smokers searching for alternative locations to drink within a locality and smokers driving to nearby jurisdictions that allow smoking in bars.”


And no, this is not a call for state-wide, national or any other sort of smoking bans. This is a slap to the head that bans are a bad idea from many, many perspectives. So long as smoking is a legal activity, people will smoke. They will enjoy smoking. They will go places that allow them to smoke. If you ban it state-wide, people will gather in a friend’s basement or garage and then drive home after a few beers and a smoke.

It may be time for the zealots to face reality.

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