Saturday, April 12, 2008

SMOKERS Bans are all about "Showing the states the moolah!"

I bet those mothas running Maine would be saying "DA@N! If we didn't raise our cig taxes WAY over the top, we probably would've collected at least $10k from Darlene over the past 5 years in her cig purchases if she neva switched to making her own."

Maine should really give her a bonus check for being a real smoker who neva fell for poisonanda.

I guess we can all keep on dreaming about ANY state rewarding the serious smokers, including the rollie/cigar/pipe tobacco smokers.

The best thang ANY state can do for smoker s is not ban smoking. But apparently, money from the ACS talks LOUD! And the states do the walk when they get those bribe checks!

Me ain't surprised if it's true the ACS bribes states as much as at least $25k as a way of convincing the state to ban smoking. Like last year, the ACS probably gave Rod Blago-B!+CH (the IL Governor) a bribe check of $100k to sign the SMOKERS-Free IL Act into law.

And me heard this week, an Iowa SMOKERS' Ban barely passed, and will go into effect on July 1st. Me bets the ACS paid the Iowa House/Senate reps 1000s of bucks as a way of forcing em to vote YES on the ban.

It pees me off that anti orgs like the ACS will go as far as paying a politician, governor, or mayor moolah as a way of getting a SMOKERS ban passed.

Me picked up that "Smokers ban" term from someone in my group. Because a smoking ban doesn't apply to bans of ovens, stoves, lit candles, etc. It only applies to tobacco items. Therefore, in the case of now Iowa, Iowa is basically banning smokers from enjoying life as of July. But you can still smoke in Iowa casinos. That ain't big to me, cause not all smokers gamble. So I guess smokers are gonna go to the Iowa casinos JUST to smoke?? Probably, but the casinos will force em to waste moolah from those wallets/purses.

The Iowa taverns and small businesses got a HUGE strikeout this week.

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