Thursday, April 24, 2008

Robert Ripley Defense Fund

I was asked to share this with as many smokers rights forums as possible.

Robert Ripley Defense Fund

We believe that absolutely no business owner, who has the courage to stand up against a smoking ban by openly flouting it, should have to pay so much as one dime out of his own pocket for his defense when challenging such a hateful and mindless piece of legislation in the courts. Please read this well written appeal for donations for the Robert Ripley Defense Fund from Kenn Rockler, Executive Director of the Bowling Proprietors Association of MN and The Tavern League of Minnesota. Then lets show the anti-smoking movement, the politicians, and the rest of the world how quickly, we who care deeply about the freedom of business owners and individuals, and who are opposed to fraud, corruption, and racketeering in public health organizations, can fill up a defense fund when called upon to do so!

Jim Blogg
Chief Executive Officer
FORCES International

April 24, 2008

Tavern League Members

Bowling Proprietor Members

Concerned Citizens for Individual and Property Rights

This appeal on behalf of a defense fund for Robert Ripley and the Bullseye Saloon defense fund is everyone’s fight who cherishes and believes in the rights of individuals and hopes to protect the thousands of jobs that are being lost in the hospitality industry. Almost all of you are familiar with this case but just in case a few of you aren’t, here is a brief description. Bullseye Saloon in Elko-New Market is one of many bars and taverns in Minnesota that have run plays such as the “Tobacco Monologues” which are allowed under The Freedom to Breathe Act. The Minnesota Health Department has been trying to threaten and bully these sites into signing agreements that the establishments will cease running these theatre nights during which actors are allowed to smoke.

In the case of the Bullseye Saloon they served him with a note of hearing where they are seeking an injunction requiring him to cease the productions until the court rules on the legality. To the average person such as myself this is ludicrous to maintain that irreparable harm will occur if Bullseye Saloon is allowed to continue these productions since 100% of his employees smoke, and nineteen feet from his establishment is a non-smoking establishment, where those patrons that want a beer or Pepsi in a non smoking environment can go. That being said Robert has elected to stand his ground and has retained Patrick O’Neill Jr. as his attorney. This is an expensive fight and the Tavern League and BPAM have agreed to assist in raising funds. To date we have been able to send checks totaling only $3,000 to the defense fund. Donations have come from many of you already and the people at Forces have been invaluable as their members from thousands of miles away have sent checks. Many of these checks have come from non-smokers who ask “Where and when will this abuse of government power stop?”

We are asking that you do one of two things or both if you are in the hospitality business.

1. Send checks made out to the Tavern League to my attention. Note on the check that it is

for the Bullseye Defense Fund. No check is too small. We have received checks for as

little as $5 and as much as $500. If you have friends, relatives, suppliers, and employees

who feel strongly with you on this issue, ask if they wish to contribute.

2. Place a jar or jars in your establishment dedicated to this fund. Some of our members did

this and there are many people who agree on the cause but only afford loose change or a

few dollars. If you need a color label to tape to your jar, Sheila Kromer and the Tavern

League will design and mail or email you the flyer (to attaché to your jar) requesting donations.

100% of your donations will be sent to the defense fund! As a great American once said, “Surely we will hang together or we will all hang individually” ! I have discussed this with Mike Warring the President of the Bowling Proprietors who is a non-smoker like myself. We agree this fight concerns every man and woman who cares about individual freedom and property rights!

Kenn Rockler, Executive Director
Bowling Proprietors Association of MN &
The Tavern League of Minnesota
235 Roselawn Avenue East Suite #17
Maplewood, MN 55117

On the web or www.tavernleaguemn. org
BPAM Phone: 651-487-2141 or 1-800-622-7769
Tavern League of Minnesota 651-487-2149 or 1-877-332-9257
Cell phone: 612-205-0110

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