Monday, April 14, 2008

People won't be buying homes anytime soon, but smokers deserve to live in their own homes

When I got online today, I came across a news headline saying people won't be buying homes anytime soon. I guess the USA's economy crisis is a major factor in more Americans' decisions on not buying homes. Combined with the sad fact more minorities are unemployed and can't afford to buy cribs anyway.

But if a smoker told me "I don't want to buy a home, and it has nothang to do with the home's value," I'd say "If you can afford to buy a home, are you crazy in not buying it? The last time I checked, you and me still have the freedom to smoke in our own cribs! You can't really smoke in apartments anymore in some cities. And I ain't paying a F'ckin' 700-1k bucks for rent in a Chicago apartment if I ain't allowed to smoke in it! A home is the best place to live at for ALL smokers. Unless you actually enjoy smoking outside in 2nd class fashion."

"I ain't smoking outside if I lived on my own and under no circumstances. Cause I'm a first class person, and I don't deserve to be treated like sheet, despite me being from the hood. This 2nd class treatment I get as a smoker is sometimes worse than racial discrimination! Can you believe that?"

If a smoker doesn't want to buy a crib, I dunno what else you can buy/pay rent to live in, if you expect to smoke inside as all smokers SHOULD do (on smoke inside).

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