Friday, April 11, 2008

My best day ever on smoking outside

For the first time ever, me smoked close to a pack while I was out in public all day. Me was lighting up as soon as me got off of outdoor elevators, as soon as I walked up the stairs, and I even stepped on a NO SMOKING sign while waiting for a Metra train.

I still care about my life. I no longa give a sheet about what ANYYONE thinks about me smoking. I live only once, and I might as well light up and enjoy my life. Even if this is "a slow motion of suicide." (LOL at that F'ked up suicide lie) The only people who approached me at all were two brothas and one sista all asking me for a cig. I'm sure antis would've approached me today if this was a state like Maine. But antis who approach me in the Windy City are stupid. And they know beta than to approach a Black smoker since they know very well "we" can lose it if we get insulted.

It was a nice day earlia. But then it was colder and windy as heck lata on in the day. It was SO windy out there, the wind even attempted to pull the cigs out of my mouth a few times. That was a lil funny.

Now a person pulling a cig out of my mouth.....nah, I ain't going there. But I will say I don't blame those smokers for getting outraged, based on the few times I recall hearing about antis pulling cigs outta smokers' mouths. I neva saw that happened before in person. And I know has a lot to do with living in a big city where people get violent when getting mad at anyone.

If antis think they can get away with insulting smokers in a town like this, they oughta get familiar with city life period (and with all due respect in regards to antis used to living in small, quiet towns). A person from "our community" doesn't have to be a smoker in order to get outraged and violent at an offensive person.

I'm sure if you tried telling a nonsmoking and obese sista "You look too fat," her reaction would be no different from my reactions towards antis.

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