Monday, April 7, 2008

Info on the Olney, IL Rally

Back on April 5th, there was a smokers rally in Olney, IL.

An article on the rally can be found by CLICKING THIS.

HERE'S A VIDEO LINK on the rally.

And here are the comments me had to say on the Olney rally.


Me just watched the vid.

Gary is right (I think that's the guy's name at the start of the vid....he organized the rally). On Dec. 31, and even 20 years ago, smokers were innocent citizens, and most of em obeyed the laws in America. Now, if you smoke in a building, that makes you a fugitive so to speak.

If someone actually thinks a smoker is a criminal for real, then that person IS living in a fantasy world. LOL!!!

That lady named Sheila...she's the anti, and she sounds like a lil girl in a woman's body. "What about my rights?" What ABOUT em? You have NO (bleepin) RIGHTS when it comes to seeing smokers in public! Otha than the right to choose where to visit if you don't like places with smokers. Whatcha gonna do if I smoke around you, chick? Sue me for blowing smoke at you? LOL!!

That was a nice vid. Smokers may be portrayed as criminals. But we need more smokers to prove to the state that smokers are Americans too.

I wouldn't be afraid to call that antismoking chick the REAL names I thought of when I saw her and listened to her talk like a third grader. She can go to "bell!"

That antismoking B sounds like a little p'sy to be more honest.

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