Monday, April 21, 2008

The economy is not hurting casinos

(This is a letta to the editor I sent out)

I'd like to comment on the letter a reader sent where this person claims the smoking ban hasn't hurt restaurants in his/her area. He/she even went on to say "Heck, people can't afford food, electricity, gas for their cars and house payments, let alone gambling."

Well if people can't afford to keep up with their utility bills, I find it VERY strange (based on this person's logic) that people can still "afford" to go to a bar or restaurant. A person can afford to buy food in a restaurant, but that person can't afford to buy food for himself/herself at home? That comment sounds like an antismoking comment.

And you don't need to pray for me. You need to send out prayers to these mom and pop businesses in Illinois that are struggling because of the smoking ban, Their customers used to be smokers, and now their customers can't smoke in those small businesses anymore.

If you want to send prayers to smokers, pray for these women up here in Chicago who smoke outside late at night and they end up becoming crime targets. Now that people can smoke outside, bad people in the streets will try to take advantage of those innocent people. I even heard about some homeless people asking drunk smoekrs outside for more money over this past winter.

If smoking bans don't hurt your area, good for you. But that doesn't represent the whole state of Illinois. I do know if someone can't afford to go to a casino, that person shouldn't nbe able to afford to go to a tavern or restaurant in your area either.

Actually, using this person's logic of people not being able to even afford gasoline, we wouldn't see vehicles anywhere on the road. Why drive if you can't afford to pay for gasoline? And that logic is funny to read.


dumpstermcnuggets said...

Sorry I'm writing this responce so late, but this is such a beautiful and well-written letter! Which newspaper did you write this to, if I may ask?


Jason T said...

And it's my turn to say my bad for me forgetting the newspaper I sent that out to. I actually re-read this post from 2 months ago I made.

I guess I should've included a link to the article I was responding to.

Thanks for the compliment on my gifted writing ability.