Wednesday, April 2, 2008

45k Blacks die from smoking per year? Gimme a freakin break!

I tried searching hard for anotha (and more recent) antismoking page in relation to smokers within my community.

http://www.sacobser 052007/nicotine_ addiction_ part3.shtml

The first thang that catches my attention is the start of the page. "Why are so many Blacks dying from smoking?" Oh? I wasn't even aware more of us are dying from smoking instead of deaths from STD or even those Blacks who die from all of these murders out here. I would like to see a list of ALL of these brothas and sistas who actually died from smoking! 45k Black deaths per year cause of smoking is not realistic. I can imagine 40k Blacks getting murdered per year though.

I'm sure there ARE thangs I could buy if I neva smoked (as the page points out). I could probably buy joints, coke, meth, and lots of guns instead. But that wouldn't be money well spent by me.

That ex-smoker on the page is a perfect example of an ex-smoker turned into an anti. Now he hates seeing ANY Black person smoking. With all due respect, if you wanna "save our community," don't blame smoking for Black deaths. Blame higha crime rates instead. Oh yeah, and don't forget about that STD I mentioned earlier, which kills a lot of Blacks too!

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