Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wrigley Field is a smoke-free ballpark this year

I know I was listening to a nonsmoker talking yesterday when he said to everyone "You can tell the person there's no smoking anywhere. But you should still say 'But would you like a hot dog or somethang to drink?' "

Some of those co-workers were laughing afta listening to that piece of crap, myself included. And the supervisor defended himself with "They may not be able to smoke. And I dunno if offering somethang to eat or drink will solve their problem. But you should still be generous. Because if you don't offer them an alternative, they won't botha coming back to the stand."

"Problem?" A fan who learns he/she can't smoke in the ballpark means that smoker has a "problem?" Well, that person DOES have a problem in one sense. If I was a fan who learned the hard way I can't smoke at Wrigley, I'd ask the cashier:

"Where can I go to get my darn money back for this ticket? Telling me I can't smoke in here is BS when you guys don't mind stealing and abusing my money!"

Intoxicated fans cuss at me when they mad. And I'd cuss the cashier out myself if I was in a fan's shoes and I learned the bad news about smoking. And if a cashier actually tried asking THIS smoker "But do you still want a hot dog with a cup of Pepsi?" I'd be laughing with "I don't want somethang to eat or drink. I want a place where I can smoke a cig at! YOU got a luckin' problem if you think someone who wants to smoke is starving or feeling thirsty!"

I'm sure if a smoker reading this blog, including a female smoker, was told "Sorry, you can't smoke anywhere here. But would you like somethang to eat or drink?" I wouldn't blame him/her for feeling insulted by that Q.

That nonsmoking supervisor obviously doesn't understand what life as a smoker is all about. You can't replace not smoking cigs by eating 10 hot dogs at a game.

PS: Once those smoking fans learn they can't smoke, I actually hope they don't botha coming back to WRIGLEY period, let alone the stand I'm working at.

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