Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thoughts on ths antismoking comment

I came across these comments form an antismoker in an article comments area. Unfortunately, I can't respond on there without registering to comment first.

"The bill of rights guaranteed me the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.. Someone blowing smoke in my face interferes on my right to life since it is a none disputed fact second hand smoke causes cancer. "

I wonder if this anti actually got diagnosed with cancer from inhaling SHS. I doubt it. I think blowing smoke in your face won't interfere with your right to life. Someone sticking a gun in your face has a betta chance of interfering with your right to life. And BTW, if someone IS "blowing smoke in your face," it must be intentional. Because I neva blow smoke in a nonsmoker's face unless he/she deserves it.

"It also interferes with my pursuit of happiness since it makes me very unhappy."

I'm unhappy with seeing drunks in the streets. But having drunks in the streets doesn't interfere with me having a happy life. How can smokers make your screwed-up life miserable? You could've been a lot more happier if you neva entered places with smokers.

It beats me on why antis like to use the excuse of "Blowing smoke in my face interferes with my right to life." YOU decided to enter that place with smokers. And you gotta LIVE with your decision.

And it ain't like every place used to allow smoking prior to smoking bans being put into place. There were SO MANY NON-SMOKING BUSINESSES ALREADY. Antis actually had a choice to enter smoke-free restaurants before. But yet, they pick the places that used to allow smoking in order to enjoy life at. That is stupid thinking!

I don't agree with it's all or nothing. Why the F should we have a smoke-free world? Whateva happened to making BOTH sides happy?

If I am one of these "rude smokers," you can blame that all-or-nothing mindset for making me like that. Antis don't seem to care about my right to enjoy life and smoke a legal product in public. Why the F should I respect THEM if they're gonna treat my American rights as sheet?

Neva mind these antis online who think it's illegal to litter streets with butts. If it's illegal, I wonder why a smoker neva got ticketed for dropping butts in the streets my whole life. One anti says "Illegal is illegal," but yet, he claims no authority is gonna respond to a call about smokers dropping butts in the streets! Oh really? I thought you said littering is illegal period. Where's my ticket for dropping a butt on the ground?

If you don't like seeing butts in the streets, then eitha sweep the darn butts up yourself. Or try to get my right to smoke in public places back! That way, if people could smoke inside again, you would see fewer butts in the streets and sidewalks. And life would be esier for those workers who get paid to sweep up those butts.

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