Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some Thoughts

Since this is a public blog. I will say some IL smokers are trying to dig deepa into this 1914 case that dealt with a judge declaring that banning smoking in IL is illegal. Me certainly ain't gonna go into details on that in here, but you can read details if you're a memba of the IL Smokers group.

I've also learned in recent months on how some smokers are actually trying to conduct tests involving air with tobacco smoke in it, and testing out the air that's smoke-free. Hearing about that topic brings a smile to my face. Because one way a person can see proof that clean air is not really safe air is by testing out the particles within that air.

And once someone can show a legit test that clean air is actually dangerous air to inhale, then that's one way of trying to bring down a smoking ban. Even I know smoke-free air is not clean and safe air to breathe. When a stove is on in a kitchen, that pollutes the smoke-free air.

I'm not going into specific details on these "tests" I heard about. Antis don't need to know that sheet anyway.

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