Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Smoker gets arrested for tapping ashes on pavement (UK)

This is one of the funniest pieces of news I've heard about regarding an actual smoker-related incident my whole life. A man gets arrested in the UK for tapping cig ashes on the pavement?? WTF is this world coming to??


If someone ever thought of getting ME arrested for tapping ashes o the ground outside, I might remind him/her there are more important thangs in this world. How about trying to arrest these prostitutes on the streets instead?

I wouldn't blame a US smoker for punching the sheet outta someone for taking him/her to court for just tapping ashes on the ground.

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lizzydripping said...

......... what about us in the UK. We are not a joke, we are an ancient place and nation and the US does not have the right to poke fun at us. Yahoo seems to think that the UK citizens are only interested in what happens in the US and just uses news from the 'old world' as a joke. Not so and time the US realized it!!