Thursday, March 20, 2008

News on possible FDA tobacco regulation

Here's what I found from an RJR spokesperson on this FDA tobacco regulation news:

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Health
recently approved H.R. 1108 granting the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) broad powers to regulate cigarettes and smokeless tobacco
products. The vote was 18-9 and now sends the bill to the full
committee for consideration. Although nothing is currently
scheduled, it is anticipated that consideration by the full committee
could occur very soon.

Congress will be recessing to go back to their home districts
beginning next Monday, March 17 and will return on the 28th. While
home, it is important that members of the full committee hear
opposition to FDA regulation. If you know of an event or other
gathering or have an opportunity to see a member while he/she is at
home, please take that occasion to express opposition to FDA


Attached are message points to help guide you in expressing
opposition to H.R. 1108 and, to help facilitate contact, below is a
link to a list of the full committee with contact-information :〈=&commcode=hcommerce

Thank you for all your help,

Why FDA Regulation of Tobacco is Bad Public Policy

- The current proposals give overly broad authority to the FDA that
could significantly affect consumer acceptability of tobacco products
thus jeopardizing the entire category at both the retail and
wholesale level.

- Internet and tribal sales would not be covered under the current
proposals leaving traditional retailers at an even greater

- The current proposal would authorize further limits on the sale,
distribution, advertising, and promotion-including in-store retail
display-of tobacco products.

- The bill lacks federal pre-emption language over marketing and
advertising meaning that states could adopt even more stringent laws
creating a patchwork of different regulations nationwide.

- Under the provision of the current proposal, the potential for a
significant black market in tobacco would be enormous.

-If the legislation passes and when government regulators issue
rules, it will undoubtedly result in increased and overly burdensome
reporting and record-keeping requirements creating a real hardship
for many small, family-owned businesses.

- FDA regulation of tobacco will expand the authority of an agency
that has serious issues in its approval process for, and monitoring
of existing drugs. Tobacco regulation will further distract the
agency from its core mission of approving safe and effective drugs
and medical devices to the public.

- The proposed legislation allows states and local governments to
enact any restriction "that is in addition to, or more stringent
than," those in the bill resulting in a 50 state patchwork of
standards forcing retailers and wholesalers to face widely disparate
state and local requirements.

- Bill-supporters are rushing passage of the legislation through
congress without regard to the potential, negative consequences to
the retail and wholesale industries as well as state government and
the revenue stream from the sale of consumer acceptable tobacco

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