Thursday, March 6, 2008

Never believed smokers can live for as long as 100 years?

This is a special pic for any antismokers lurking on here.

I've actually seen this pic (prior to today) of a smoker using a candle on her birthday cake to light her cig. But I bet not too many antis have seen this one before!

Based on modern antismoking logic, it's impossible for a smoker to live for 100 years. The reality is, it IS possible for a smoker to live for 100 years. If a smoker eats healthy food, and exercises regularly, that smoker will live longa than a nonsmoker.

I don't have a URL to confirm that as a fact. But I heard it on CBS News in the 90's. The reporter said smokers who exercise live longa than nonsmokers who exercise. And smokers who have healthy diets can also play a factor in how long he/she lives.

Oh yeah. Did I say once most of the smokers who live for at least 100 years are cigar smokers and smokers who make their own cigs?

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