Friday, March 14, 2008

My description of smoking a cigarette

When I pull out a cig from a pack, I look at the cig, and I smell the tobacco end of it. I love smelling an unlit cig.

I put the baby into my mouth, I flick the lighta, and I drag and inhale the lightup smoke. A lotta people, especially smoking chicks, exhale as soon as their cig is lit. But I wanna savor that smoke inside of me.

When I smoke, the only thangs on my mind are otha topics I'm interested in. Holding a lit cig makes me feel powerful. And I love seeing the lit end and the minty smoke from that end going up into the air.

I eitha pump or take long drags....that's how I smoke. I wanna get the most outta every cig.

When I was able to smoke inside, I used to look at myself in the mirror as I smoke a few times. Cigs look the best when you light up a new cig.

I notice sometimes when I exhale, I make thin exhales. I know what it means when you exhale very lil smoke. But I live only once. And I might as well savor the precious minty smoke in me.

And when I put the end of the cig out, I basically light up anotha one. I've even smoked 2 menthols at once a few times in the past. But I neva do that type of smoking in public. While I've neva smoked a NF brand before, I have smoked nonfilters in the sense of me cutting the filta off before lighting up. If it was possible to smoke while sleeping, I'd definitely do that.

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