Monday, March 24, 2008

A lot of obese Americans are actually EX-smokers

You wanna know why more Americans are eating more (as the article asks at the beginning)? Because when you stop smoking, not smoking makes the ex-smoker chow down more.

If you want to read the editorial I'm referring to on obesity, CLICK THIS.
Me ain't playing. I used to be friends with a sis years ago who used to smoke Kools. She looked slim while being a smoker. But a few weeks afta she decided to go cold turkey, her body went from slim to a big body! And she indeed started eating more as an ex-smoker.

I'm sure there are more obese Americans since more people are eating more and they make poor decisions in their diets. But don't forget that several Americans who eat lots are ex-smokers. The same Americans who used t0 have slim bodies while they were smoking their cigs.

If you neva wanna become obese and you a smoker, you should NEVA quit. There is some truth to cigs being a nice weight loss tool...although I wouldn't smoke just with the intent of keeping my body looking good.

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