Saturday, March 29, 2008

Keep up the resistance, Southern IL!

see folks and businesses in the Southern IL region are the ones in this state showing the most resistance to the smoking ban. Keep it up down there! Hopefully, you guys will make good role models for the rest of the state showing resistance themselves.

I know some of those Southern IL cities (in terms of showing resistance) sound like a city version of a hood in my area,

Like instead of one area within a city being ignorant to a smoking ban, the whole city downstate is being ignorant to the ban instead. A whole city being resistant is a lot betta than certain individuals within a city being the only ones showing resistance to the ban at all.

Even though I'm still in Chicago when going to the North Side, a lot of people on that side of town actually accept the ban since they don't care about practically empty taverns. My side of town is a different story if someone likes seeing smokers ignoring the "law." That's an example of just one community within a city showing resistance, which is different from a whole city showing resistance.

I guess it's easier to get a whole city to show resistance if it's a small city. Since a big city has different groups of people that all think differently on several topics that go beyond just smoking. Like the way I talk is normal to bros/sis in my community but residents on the North Side might find my talk offensive. A North Side person might even try asking me to not smoke near the doorway.

In a small city, the residents practically know each otha and they get along well. And when you get along with everyone in town, it's easier to ignore the "smoking law."

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