Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is the economy forcing IL smokers to go outta state for gambling and drinking while smoking? In your dreams!

Me just read an article online from an LA-based newspaper (the city of LA), and this article briefly mentioned how the economy is to blame for smokers in IL not going to Chicago casinos anymore, along with the state ban being the otha reason for making smokers travel outta state.

Well, if that same article is gonna mention how smokers in IL are now going to smoker-friendly casinos in Indiana and St. Louis, you can't blame the economy for that. Afta all, those smokers don't seem to have problems in coming up with gasoline money and money for food/drinks in order to actually travel to St. Louis or Indiana just to smoke while gambling.

That anti in the Peoria articles wanted to blame the economy for the drops in IL tavern's revenues. I'm sure smokers are going outta state to have drinks and smokes too. And the last time I checked, you need a heck of a lot of money just for gasoline to travel outta state.

Since lots of smokers can afford to travel outside of IL in order to smoke and drink, or smoke while gambling away, then you can't blame the economy for the hospitality problems in IL. You can blame the state ban instead.

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