Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Info on the next IL Smokers-based rally

We received the following flyer at the VFW in Robinson. Our Club is planing on Taking the VFW Club Van and members to participate in the parade and activities. It would be great if others of this group could attend.
April 5.2008 @10:00
Olney, Illinois
If you are opposed to the Illinois General Assembly taking away your freedom of choice, as to whether we may smoke indoors, please join us as we publicly make known our opposition to the Illinois ban on smoking in privately owned businesses and clubs.
Our message is to the Illinois General Assembly is that we want the law repealed as it takes away the citizens’ freedom of choice, and has proven to have a detrimental financial impact on Illinois Businesses.
We are not agreeable to the purchase of smoking licenses, or exceptions to the bill. We want the bill repealed, and the freedom of choice returned to the owners and patrons of Illinois businesses.
All who believe that the Citizens of this nation have the right to choose for themselves whether or not to allow a legal activity as smoking on privately owned property are welcome to attend. Vehicles, motorcycles and walkers are welcome.
Parade route will be: from the front of Olney Trustbank, 600 E. Main St.; West on Main St. to Richland County Court House. Talks will be given at the courthouse.
Info. Contact Rev. Gary Wachtel @ 618-843-3559

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