Thursday, March 13, 2008

Info about Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)


FACT: The RWJF is the Johnson and Johnson company. http://www.rwjf. org/files/ publications/ books/2005/ chapter_07. pdf

FACT: The RWJF owns Johnson & Johnson stock valued, at the time of their 2006 annual report, at $3,696,018,000. ALMOST FOUR BILLION http://www.rwjf. org/files/ publications/ annual/2006/ financials/ financial- position. html

FACT: Smoking bans were started by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) in 1992, through their “SmokeLess States” project, later called “RWJF Tobacco Control Policies” http://www.rwjf. org/files/ publications/ books/2005/ chapter_02. pdf

FACT: The RWJF has funded, to date, $446,398,054 for smoking bans. FOUR HUNDRED FORTY-SIX MILLION. http://www.rwjf. org/files/ publications/ books/2005/ chapter_01. pdf (see page 6)

FACT: RWJF paid $99,000,000 “in grants” to the ACS, AHA, ALA, and AMA, to promote smoking bans nationwide as the way to curb the rising costs of Healthcare and coerce people to quit. NINETYNINE MILLION.

http://www.rwjf. org/files/ publications/ books/2005/ chapter_02. pdf

FACT: The RWJF created and funded (American for Non-Smokers Rights) with $5,196,802 so far through “grants”. http://www.rwjf. org/search/ gsa/search. jsp?q=American% 20NonSmokers&spell=1&filter=0&access=p&output=xml_no_ dtd&site=default_ collection&ie=UTF-8&client=default_ frontend&stylesheet=rwjf. xslt

FACT: The RWJF paid the ACS just under $1,000,000 to push nicotine replacement therapies, and smoking cessation products and programs through a “grant” on an individual state and community level. http://www.rwjf. org/programareas /resources/ product.jsp? id=20291&pid=1141&catid=17

FACT: RWJF paid ACS $71,000 to lobby Medicaid to pay for Nicotine Replacement Therapy through a “grant”. (cached-no longer on line but hard copy is on file for grant#59341)

FACT: J&J uses their political STRONGARM, (the RWJF) to fund the smoking ban movement in order to implement a government mandated use of their product, thereby getting the government to do their marketing for them.

A Brilliant MARKETING STRATEGY using the “will of the people” to sell their products. Capitalism at its finest! http://www.rwjf. org/files/ publications/ books/2005/ chapter_02. pdf

FACT: J&J has paid $28,660,000 in lobbying expenses between 2003-2007. TWENTYEIGHT MILLION! Updates still coming in. http://www.opensecr s/clientsum. asp?year= 2007&txtname=Johnson+ %26+Johnson (link to 2007-select 2003 through 2006 for additional years)

FACT: Since 2003, (www.opensecrets. org) the pharmaceutical industry has made PAC donations (Political Action Committee) of; $20,802,279 to the House of Representatives - and - $31,416,269 to the Senate

FACT: J&J Co, bought Pfizer OTC in 2006 @ $16.6 million dollars to get Nicorette, promised a per share gain by 2009.

http://the.honolulu advertiser. com/article/ 2006/Jun/ 27/bz/FP60627032 1.html

FACT: J&J subsidiaries' Nicoderm, Nicoderm CQ and Nicorette sales have SOARED wherever Bans are passed. http://www.alza. com/alza/ products. html http://www.alza. com/alza/ products. html

FACT: One Million Boxes of Over-the-Counter Smoking Cessation Products were Sold in January 2008 alone. http://money. articles/ _a/one-million- boxes-of- over-the- counter/n2008020 4151209990081

FACT: RWJF is now using this same strategy in promoting alcohol bans as well as the WAR on OBESITY.

They have already pledged to spend $500,000,000. 00 on fighting obesity America (guess who owns “Splenda”?). http://www.rwjf. org/programareas /grantlist. jsp?pid=1138 http://www.nytimes. com/2007/ 04/04/health/ 04obesity. html?_r=1&scp=2&sq=%22robert+ wood+johnson+ foundation% 22&st=nyt&oref=slogin

FACT: Of the 123 second hand smoke studies conducted since 1980 (64 spousal, 25 work, 9 social, 25 children), only 16 showed a measurable positive risk over decades of exposure. Ignoring all other studies that show no risk, or an actual protective quality doesn’t change the fact the overwhelming majority of studies finds no risk of harm whatsoever . http://www.geocitie rrity/SHSSCAMCHA RTED.htm

FACT: The pharmaceutical industry as a whole has paid out $1,051,183,170 to lobby Washington, the FDA, and related regulatory agencies promoting their drugs and products since 2003. MORE THAN ONE BILLION DOLLARS! http://www.opensecr s/indusclient. asp?code= H04&year=2006 (link to 2006, just select additional years for further info)

We have become a nation of drug addicts, whether legal or not, with the Pharmaceutical industry as the supplier, and ethically challenged organizations like the American Cancer Society acting as the pusher for profit while our government looks the other way and pretends that it’s not happening. Smoking Bans are not about improving the health of anyone.

The only health concern here, is first and foremost about a healthy bottom line for the Global Pharmaceutical industry.

(ACS, American Cancer Society, ALA, American Lung Association, AHA, American Heart Association, AMA, American Medical Association)

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