Friday, March 21, 2008

If you can't smoke in a bar, have bar parties in your home

This is an idea I read about in the comments area of the Peoria article published today.

If you want to read the article itself, CLICK THIS.

One smoker in there said her friend was sick and tired about not being able to smoke in a bar. So what her friend decided to do is renovate one of her crib's rooms and turn the room into a bar. And now this smoker can have bar-like smokers parties at her crib. Where her friends and guests can go over there and have smokes with their drinks.

That's a good idea. It is unfortunate taverns will be the losers in the long-term with the idea of smokers having smoker-friendly parties in cribs with large bar rooms.

So much for the economy hurting that smoking chick. Not if she can afford $1k to have her own bar built.

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