Thursday, March 20, 2008

Do not buy or read the Peoria Journal Star

Do not buy the Peoria Journal Star, and don't read their online pages anymore. It seems like the journalists on there are one-sided since those mothas deleted my fair comments in regards to the real reason why that asthmatic woman died.

Greg T pointed out that woman to support the argument that people do die from inhaling SHS. That woman died from asthma, she had no inhaler with her on the job, and her condition was treated poorly since she was 2 years old. Neva mind the fact she made a poor decision in working there.

I dunno what's so negligent in suggesting that she died based on poor decisions she made. Because it's a fact SHS neva killed her. If it killed her, how come nobody else died from SHS inhalation in that same tavern? SHS wouldn't kill just one person in a tavern if it's deadly to inhale. Anyone with common sense can figure that out.

Peoria Journal Star won't have to worry about me reading their paper again if they don't want to hear the truth on the REAL reason why that woman died. Greg T is immature in accepting the truth himself

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