Saturday, February 2, 2008

Those smokers outside of taverns need to be careful

Those smokers who mentioned how they give more money to the homeless while drunk and smoking guys better stay home when the weather gets warmer. Because there might be folks out in the streets pretending to be homeless and they will pretend they need spare money. Just because someone claims to be homeless doesn't mean that person will walk away if you say "No!"

And when those folks don't get what they want, I know what will likely happen.

We ain't hearing of incidents like that YET only because of the cold weather. But when the weather gets warmer, more smokers will be outside of the taverns, and more people trying to befriend those smokers will be out there with them. I know how some robbers work as a person who lives in the city. Instead of literally threatening you, they will pretend to be friendly and desperate. They'll ask you for a cig first. And then when they ask for money, and see your wallet, they'll snatch it and run away. Or if you alone, they will make you feel pain first before they run off.

Even if you tell em "No!" They'll still make you feel pain or pickpocket you.

Here's a tip. If you smoke and don't wanna give anyone money in the streets, you should stay home. Because the way I see it, if you're smoking in the Chicago streets outside of a bar late at night, you better be street smart so to speak.

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Jason T said...

That neva happened to me. Most of the time when someone sees me smoking, they usually just ask me for a cig. Those folks prefer asking a "different type" of smoker for money.