Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This is a classical quote on an anti bringing kids into the debate

This is a classical quote from an anti in that article on the owner's sign. I replied to this quote, although my comment on there had respectable language.

" Kids are exactly who we need to talk about in this debate! I grew up with both parents smoking, because of their habbit I cough up nasty flem just like they do. They are 30 years older than I. I didn't ask for that punishment, but I have to live with it. "

This person is one of the silliest antis I've seen online. I neva heard of ANY kids coughing up crap as a result of living with smoking parents. And if this anti thinks he's been punished by living with smoking parents, what does that make daughtas who grew up with abusive dads?

Calling living with smoking parents punishment for the child is dumb. A parent who smokes ain't a evil parent. But a parent who abuses his/her own kids fits that definition of an evil parent.

I guess my mother "abused me" as a teen by simply encouraging me to try smoking before I snitch about it? Puh-leez! I certainly told her "My bad for the sheet I gave you as a lil boy" once I learned the truth of smoking for myself.

Antis oughta follow her advice instead of drinking poisonanda.

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