Sunday, February 10, 2008

Teen chick dies from SHS in a bar

I think there are some flaws in this report.


1) What the he11 is a teen chick doing in a bar period?

2) Asthma can be triggered by a lot of thangs.

3) What was this chick thinking when she applied for the waitress job in a smoke-filled bar? Someone with asthma shouldn't be working in a smoke-filled bar period.

4) If she tried applying for a job in a bar over here, she would need a fake ID. Because according to my understanding, under-21 folks ain't allowed to work in bars within IL. Or at least bars in the Chicago area.

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Jason T said...

Afta further review from myself, this article is twisted. I personally think that chick who died in the bar was no d#mn waitress.

If I actually see waitresses serving people drinks at tables in a bar and passing out drink menus, I might laugh my Black A off in all honesty. Me don't need no freakin waitress to help serve me a cup of beer! That's why we have bartenders!

I bet that chick was a stripper. She was making dudes drool and go "OOOOO!" at her. What otha reason does a teen chick need to work at a bar?

She can't serve me alcohol at a "table" since she's under 21.