Friday, February 1, 2008

Some thoughts

One of the most bogus numbers I read was dealing with a prediction of 500k underage Black smokers dying by the time they become adults.

I dunno what calculator people use to come up with these fake stats on smoking. But whoever used that calculator to calculate 500k African-American kids dying form smoking-related causes as adult smokers must have something against smokers within my heritage. I was actually laughing when I read that number.

Here's a number based on a prediction of mine. I predict by the time this year is over, more underage folks in IL will be new smokers...maybe like 20 percent more than the number of underage kids who started smoking in IL last year. For some reason, underage smoking seems to go up every year despite smoking bans and high cig prices.

I ain't guessing how many of those new smokers will be bros and sistas. LOL

I wouldn't be surprised if close to 40 percent of the IL taverns, restaurants, and bowling alleys are outta business by the time this year is over. I hope I'm wrong on that 40 percent.

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VirgilK said...

This old white dude thinks you are a lot smarter that those who passed the smoking ban and the ones that came up with that bull about blacks. Stay on them.